What are the major problems in using pumping for concreting works?

In pumping operation, the force exerted by pumps must overcome the friction between concrete and the pumping pipes, the weight of concrete

What is the indication of shear slump and collapse slump in slump tests?

There are three types of slump that may occur in slumps test, namely, true slump, shear slump and collapse slump.True slump refers to general drop

What are the functions of different components of a typical expansion joint?

In a typical expansion joint, it normally contains the following components: joint sealant,joint filler, dowel bar, PVC dowel sleeve, bond breaker tape and cradle

What are the disadvantages of curing by ponding and polythene sheets?

The purpose of curing is to reduce the rate of heat loss of freshly placed concrete to the atmosphere and to minimize the temperature gradient across

What is the function of rebate in a typical construction joint?

Construction joints are created on sites to facilitate the construction process. However, if improperly constructed, the completed construction joints

What is the function of shear keys in the design of retaining walls?

In determining the external stability of retaining walls, failure modes like bearing failure,sliding and overturning are normally considered in design.

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